Frequently asked questions

NO! Payment can be done through any your country’s local payment method using fluterwave

YES! Plans can be changed at any time depending on the investor.

We believe in a better world through the synergy of forces. We aim at providing you with a better tomorrow and a better retirement life.

  • Visit our office and do physical registration or go through the investment platform and create your account.
  • Choose your investment package and make payment into the company bank account.
  • Sign the investment contract.
  • Seat, relax and wait for your profit

A BCG INVESTMENT product (Education, Health, Agriculture, Hospitality, and Media) never goes obsolete or expires. Investing in BCG yields a maximum return on investment of up to 3% profit per month and 36% per year for direct investors

We offer the opportunity for those who don’t have money to earn by referring people to invest in our products and you can refer as many people as you can to our services.

Investment registration is free of charge.