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Business and Career Group (BCG) is the only company with an investment platform that guarantees your investments 100% due to its functioning and succeeding nature.  A BCG INVESTMENT product (Education, Health, Agriculture, Hospitality, and Media) never goes obsolete or expires. Investing in BCG yields a maximum return on investment of up to 3% profit per month and 36% per year for direct investors. Our investors again 1% monthly profit or interest on the investment made by those to whom they refer to our investment platform. This gives a total of 12% profit or interest on the total investments of those you refer our services to in a year.

We offer the opportunity for those who don’t have money to earn by referring people to invest in our products and you can refer as many people as you can to our services. Another great advantage of investing with us is that there is no exemption as to who consumes our products thereby making it easier for everyone.

Heavy investors can apply for their profits to be paid upfront after about 3months of investment. The application will be studied by the management before any decision is taken on upfront profit payment.

The next step for you to move up the financial ladder starts here.


Having watched so many investment companies and projects rise and fall, and a number of well promising projects offering decent income opportunities in the investment industry coming short of achieving their well-planned project, the BCG team took time to study everything behind the fall with one thing in mind, FINDING A GOOD LASTING SOLUTION.


Real Believe

We believe in a better world through the synergy of forces. We aim at providing you with a better tomorrow and a better retirement life.

Grow Your Wealth

We allow you to grow your wealth and at the same time generate inflation-beating returns.

Financial Goals

Furthermore, BCG Investments have the potential to meet your financial goals, such as purchasing a house, accumulating a retirement corpus, and building an emergency fund, among others.


As an INVESTOR  with BCG who takes advantage of our unique INVESTMENT PROGRAMS, you will enjoy stable passive income and high APR. You will also have the peace of mind that your income is not affected thanks to our Anti-Drain system. The beauty of this program is that it runs 100%  sure, physical, tangible, and realistic businesses across the national territory, and powered by Its own ecosystem, Once it’s has started, nothing can take it down. It lives as long as AGRICULTURE, HOSPITALITY, EDUCATION, AND MEDIA live. So, stake, sit tight, and watch your funds increase.
Our team wanted to make a change in the investment space and thus started looking for a way to introduce a groundbreaking product. We were discussing numerous ideas in search of something outstanding and eventually came up with an idea that fully reflects our philosophy – efficiency and innovation above all BCG TEAM OF EXPERTS develop this stable and guaranteed source of passive income to make the sure experience the best.


As a guaranteed investment company, our mission is to support States and nations in the process of prosperity, through different types of activities like Education, Health, Agriculture, Hospitality, and Media.

We are committed to finding a good and lasting solution to your investment problems.

Frequently asked questions

NO! Payment can be done through any your country’s local payment method using fluterwave

YES! Plans can be changed at any time depending on the investor.

We believe in a better world through the synergy of forces. We aim at providing you with a better tomorrow and a better retirement life.

  • Visit our office and do physical registration or go through the investment platform and create your account.
  • Choose your investment package and make payment into the company bank account.
  • Sign the investment contract.
  • Seat, relax and wait for your profit